Investor Profile Questionnaire

Question #1. What is your investment horizon – when will you need this money?
Question #2. What is your most important investment goal?
Question #3. Please indicate which statement reflects your overall view of managing risk:
Question #4. If you owned an investment that declined by 20 percent over a short period, what would you do?
Question #5. If you could increase your chances of improving your investment returns by taking more risk, would you:
Question #6. The following picture shows three model portfolios and the highest and lowest returns each is likely to earn in any given year. Which portfolio would you be most likely to hold?
A bar chart displaying returns for three portfolios. For Portfolio A, highest return is 8% and lowest return is -1%. For Portfolio B, highest return is 15% and lowest return is -6%. For Portfolio C, highest return is 22% and lowest return is -12%.
Question #7. After several years of following your retirement plan, you review your progress and determine you are behind schedule and will need to modify your strategy in order to retire at your preferred age. what would you do?
Question #8. Which statement best applies to your approach regarding achieving your retirement income goals on time?